Tip of the day

Try fasting one day every two weeks. During these fast days, drink fruit juice and eat fresh fruits only. You will feel more energetic, cleansed and alert. Fasting also has a salutary effect on your willpower.

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International Transportation

BRACHEV LTD uses a large network of transportation and forwarding companies that is able to satisfy the most variable requirements and to offer a wide range of logistic solutions to its customers. We us mainly trucks and containers for our deliveries but we have also experience with more specific methods of transportation as river motor barges, railway, ro-ro and others.

To achieve complete transparency during the movement of the transported loads we use online tracking systems for the containers and for the trucks we often use gps tracking systems. With the help of these tracking systems the customer is able to find out in every moment where exactly is his delivery and to estimate how much time is left and what distance remains until the final delivery address is reached.

Sometimes when the customers are having the necessary logistic experience and in case they are willing to take care of the transportation of his orders themselves and on their own account then we offer corresponding discounts and quote EXW prices and thus we create additional interest for them and give them a chance to organize independently the transportation of their orders.