Tip of the day

Laugh for five minutes in the mirror each morning. Laughter returns the body to a state of balance. Revitalize the habit of laughter, it will put far more living into your life.

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Delivery Control

A basic task in our work is to enable our customers to keep tracking the fulfillment of their orders and the movement of our deliveries that are being transported by sea or road. This aspect of our activities is of extreme importance in urgent cases and for deliveries are supposed to arrive exactly at a certain time and place.

The control that we exercise covers the whole process of customers’ order fulfillment at its all stages: the preparation of the raw and packaging materials, the real order execution (including the production and the packaging of the ordered items), the shipment (and the customs clearance) and the transportation to the delivery place which is requested by the customer.

At all mentioned stages the customer is able to check the status of its order and to receive information about the timing and the way of fulfillment of the next stages. If necessary the customer may suggest changes which can speed up or delay the order fulfillment or to initiate other changes in order to satisfy a certain market demand.