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Never discuss your health, wealth and other personal matters with anyone outside of your immediate family. Be very disciplined in this regard.

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Certification & Auditing

The certification according to standards like ISO 9001, ISO 22000, IFC, BRC and others is very important for the growth of every company and for the access of its products to certain markets. The possession of a certain certificate is a guarantee for the customers that their partner-supplier is able to grant the necessary quality of his products and that he has reached a certain level of development. Every certificate in fact, in the eyes of the customers is a guarantee for a certain level of reliability of the supplier and the absence of a certificate very often turns into an obstacle for starting of a business collaboration.

Very often the customers insist auditing their suppliers themselves and thus they make sure that the supplier has really reached the necessary technological and organisational level that will guarantee the normal future work. BRACHEV Ltd is always getting directly involved in these audits both during the time of their preparation as well as during their actual course. The goal is always to prove to the foreign partners that the Bulgarian companies are reliable enough and that they are able to grant competitive quality of their products at a lower price level than the price level of the Western European competitors.