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AVES-9 Ltd was established in 2009 as a subsidiary export company of PARUS Ltd. We are in direct contact with the farmers from several regions in the central part of Southern Bulgaria. The production facilities of the company are located very close to TRAKIA highway which is very convenient both for sending of truckloads to Western Europe and of container loads to the most remote parts of the world through the Black Sea ports. The main activity is the export of winter food for birds (sunflower seeds, seed mixes, sorghum, millet, etc.). Annually the company is processing and exporting more than 3 000 MT of seeds mainly to the Western and to the Northern European markets

The main advantages of the company are:

• Extensive experience in specific sunflower varieties for bird feeding like IREGY and PIONEER
• More than 10 years of experience of packaging under different private labels
• Reliable quality control and contract fulfillment.
• Ability to deliver both trucks and containers to any part of the world.
• Eagerness to develop new products