Tip of the day

Try fasting one day every two weeks. During these fast days, drink fruit juice and eat fresh fruits only. You will feel more energetic, cleansed and alert. Fasting also has a salutary effect on your willpower.

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Market Research

We offer a great variety of market research surveys mainly for the Bulgarian market. This type of service requires payment and a very clear and precise definition of the survey goals. They require interaction with many organisations and institutions and depending on the complexity of the research work they can last longer and may require weeks and even months…

This type of activity doesn’t have a direct impact for the development of our main activities and often, when the scope is beyond our level of competence and when the goals are not clearly defined, we redirect the research to other companies. If the research work is based on the information that we have from our everyday activities and that is easily accessible, we provide free of charge reports and messages. If we need to put more efforts and to have additional costs then we settle in advance the value of the market survey.